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Dave Hancock
Dave Hancock owns and operates Field Touring, an adventure and expedition company based in Perth, Australia. An avid recorder of the places he has visited during 16 international expeditions, his images have appeared in more than 30 publications including GEO and OUTSIDE, as well as countless brochures, postcards and booklets.
His first love is for the high alpine areas of the world, but a close second is the marine and coastal wilderness areas of northern Western Australia. In 1998 National Geographic filmed his attempt on Aconcagua, in 2000 he started producing his own documentaries, the first of which should appear on cable TV towards the end of this year.

  About to shoot the 'famous' sunflower image, K2 Hotel, Skardu pakistan

  The best selling SUNFLOWER at K2 HOTEL image

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October, 25

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