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The Seven Things Your Corporation GAINS by forming a Partnership with Peter C. Peru’s Extreme Film and Expedition School.



1.      Corporate logo and a link from “The School’s,” web-site to your corporate web-site. 


2.      Corporate logo printed and placed on all of “The School’s” posters, flyers and brochures.


3.      “On-Air” and “In-Print” plugs from “The School’s,” association with t.v. stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.


4.      “The School,” will place your product in several student films as well as the overall “School Season,” promotional DVD


5.      “The School’s,” GOLD and PLATINUM sponsors will have their logo placed on “The School’s” vehicle when a vehicle is acquired


6.      “The School,” is also offering a mountaineering filmmaking course to the employees of our GOLD and PLATINUM sponsors. This is Human Resources GOLD as well as unbelievably incredible *SYNERGY* !!!


7.      Product Placement in Search for the Ultimate Run II. A film to be shown at film festivals around the world.



August, 2 

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