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hello... its jason volney(louis) from the extreme team.Just thought I would let you know my appreciation to you, and the things you taught us.
You gave me a better and more expanded look on film and film making. The camp was a great experience for me, filled with lots of fun and excitment and cool people. I would recomend a course like this with you to anyone. Thank you!

Jason Volney, 16years old, Edmonton Canada

There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about you guys and my time spent in Canada. That experience was indescribable in the amount of influence it forced into my life. All I want is to get back to the pow! well thanks for all you have gave me and I hope to see you all very soon. in the path of a road trip or at the top of a mountain. Take care!

Tony Birkholz,  17 years old, Minneapolis USA

RE/THE SPIRIT FILM / Dear Peter, Just letting you know, the DVD turned up in Oz unscathed and raring to go. I watched the film and I’ve got to say, that is one of the most intimidating films on skiing I’ve watched. Mate, the footage of those mountains was unbelievable. You certainly have been able to capture the shear size and angles of them, and it was funny, because my wife actually commented on how unbelievable they were and you guys as equally as insane for climbing/skiing them, any other ski film she’s watched she hasn’t said boo! The segments on Trevor were great. It was good to see, the other outdoors and life side of him, in your film. One thing my wife commented on that was a shame, the fact that he had become too expensive for your movies. The boys, were classic ski bums. It was funny, because I kicked around with guys like that in my 20s (now 33) and we had the same motifs, sacrifice everything to ski each year. I still have the same Skitech jacket and pants from 1992. The colours have come back into fashion twice already, so why change, I may be fashionable again next year. Any way, thankyou so much again, its taken me 9 years to source this out, you made my Christmas. I’ll keep viewing your website to see whats going on. You and your family have a Happy, safe and enjoy your white Christmas (we are 34 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity) and hopefully we can chat again. If im every in BC again I’ll let you know. Maybe we can have a few beers. Regards, Brad Bohan Australia Ps I am a 33 y/o white male, 6 foot tall and 100 kilograms. I have no hair…it fell out, I have a wife Kate and daughter Emily.
March, 24

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