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Popular  Golden Rush – The Birth/Anatomy of a Ski Resort
Golden Rush
Golden Rush

Golden Rush – The Birth/Anatomy of a Ski Resort pre-screens in Whistler, BC at Buffalo Bill Wed, April 21,2004 at 8PM.

A film by Extreme Explorations, Peter Chrzanowski, 53 Minutes, Digital Betacam, Color

Finally, after three years of filming and another eight months of editing , GOLDENRUSH is making it's pre-screening premiere at Packers Pub in Golden BC on March 25th at 8pm. Shortly afterwards the film is going to MIPTV and MIPDOC international broadcast TV markets in Cannes, France. The film is still going through some final production upgrades and final credit changes. There are also plans for a French version as well as a possible feature length theatrical cut. This however is an official pre-screening event especially designed for the great folks of Golden.

Golden Rush is a one hour film documenting a small logging/railway town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains struggling to change from mill town to a tourist based economy by using it’s greatest resource --- “the best snow in the world.”

The film is strongly character driven and shares points of view from the skiers, boarders, mountain guides and developers as well as the locals of Golden British Columbia. Hear about their history - the railway, the forest industry, their pioneering spirit. Witness the building of a new 1300 meter (4,100 foot) vertical gondola by the Dutch company, Ballast Nedam. Experience first hand the shift from the old resource economy to the new adventure tourism, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Will Golden be the new Whistler or can it retain its unique mountain culture?

Golden Rush is directed by Peter Chrzanowski, an award winning filmmaker / adventurer specializing in high adrenaline action/adventure films. Peter has now taken mountain films into a socio/political context. His credits include Valdez Goes Extreme, Ski Peru, The North Face, and The Spirit. These types of films have a long shelf life. Peter’s other films are being aired constantly on TV in Canada, the US and Europe and have been enjoyed by millions of viewers.

Associate Producer is Ian Waddell, BC’s former Tourism Minister. Co-producer/editor is Ron " Ruthless" Ireland . The Soundtrack includes music by 54/40, Itch , Gary Cramer, Fishhead Stew and Hemp Dog . It's complimented by a composed soundtrack by Viktor Chorobik and Ivan Tucakov and splendidly sound edited and mixed at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver.

The producers wish to thank everyone involved for contributing, as our gratitude and the credit list is just too long to print out



Paddy Moore

Moore Media

Upload date:   August 16, 2004 11:30 PM
Copyright:  Peter

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