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In the fall of 1983 a group of six Simon Fraser University students along with two friends, had banned together planning for an exciting adventure filmmaking Odyssey.  Pulling together their rather meager resources, consisting of student loans, borrowed vehicles and a rag tag array of climbing and skiing equipment , they had set their goal. It was to drive down along the Baja California Peninsula, take the ferry to the mainland , via Puerto Vallarta, then drive to, climbing  the near 5500 meter,  17,887ft Mexican volcano, Popocatepetl. The culmination was to be a rare ski descent, perhaps the first, down the “ Ventorillo “ (windy) side of the mountain.


To further diversify the trip experience, they were to visit and ski a number of North American Ski Resorts en route. The trip went off with many memorable activities along the way, and the finished result became a half hour program shot on Super 8 film. The origianl trip was aptly named as the “ MEXI-CAN ” expedition and the film called “ IN SEARCH FOR THE ULTIMATE RUN “ was produced for television and home video distribution. The picture has since aired on many networks including Discovery USA, CBC and still enjoys a cult ski and adventure audience on home video and cable channels. For the initial expedition the young men had enlisted support from various sources including a small advance from The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, SFU, The then brand new Whistler Resort, as well as a whole menagerie of smaller sponsors ranging from outdoor clothing companies to ski and climbing outfitters.


Now, twenty years later, comes an important anniversary for those involved in the original foray.  As the trip took place over a six week period during the Christmas holidays of 1983/84, a few of the original participants hope to organize yet another journey, a sequel of sorts to their original trip and experience during the Christmas/New Year’s celebrations of 2003/4. And so, the idea is forming to bring together as much of the original crew as possible. Then,  along with a few friends, they will drive the long road to Mexico , and as a culmination, climb and ski the Orizaba Volcano, Mexico’s highest, (6000 meters) 18,700ft as well as ski several ski resorts on the way. The anticipated result would be a film sequel dubbed “ Search For The Ultimate Run II “.


The film would be a strongly character driven piece, as it would closely examine all the characters involved. Some of them have since married, had kids, and chose rather safe mainstream careers. A few of the others, however, had kept an adventurous lifestyle, remained single and perused a less orthodox path in their lives. Since a theme of adventure would again bring some of them together again, a series of visually exciting escapades would entertain the viewers, ranging from practicing a variety of beach sports, such as windsurfing, surfing, to climbing, paragliding,mountaineering and skiing along the way.  Besides the people themselves, many things have changed socially and politically around the world since the original trip. Even The Volcano Popocatepetl itself, has since erupted, blowing up, making skiing it virtually impossible, thus opting for choosing Orizaba as the final goal and destination.


A few of the trip members would make the entire journey, while others with busier schedules might just join in for only a part of the commemorative Odyssey. Whatever the outcome, the strong character driven story, combined with visually strong adventures along the way, along with archival clips from the 1983/84 motion picture, is sure to make a fun and exciting film documentary.


Peter Chrzanowski , DGC : An  adventure filmmaker with whom the original Search originated. Peter has graduated from SFU with a BA in Communications , with an emphasis on film studies in 1985. The Mexico trip had been his dream as well as first film. He has since continued on the road of cinematic adventure, writing, producing and directing over a dozen of adventure documentaries, ranging .from Colombia South America to the Coast Mountains of BC, Nepal and various other mountain locations.

See bio and films on as well as


David Frazee,  DGC An accomplished Director of Photography , David has followed a path of Cinematography which has since won him many awards . He is currently a Director of Photography on ” Da Vinci’s Inquest” , a popular dramatic series on CBC. The original “ Search For The Ultimate Run “ was his first

major task as a Cinematographer and Director Of Photography , as he launched his career in the film Industry.


Alex Grzybowski: Alex is currently an environmental consultant and holds an MA from the University of British Columbia. He has two children and is living with his wife and family in Victoria BC. Alex had been involved on a number of ski mountaineering exploits with members of the original team.


Rob Murray: Rob an SFU Communications student, was the photographer on the trip and was not heard from by many of the original Search Crew since the late eighties.


Nioel Protter: Has also since graduated from SFU with an MBA in Business and Computing. He is currently a major environmental Consultant, an  accomplished entrepreneur,  is married with two kids and resides in Pemberton BC. Nigel, Peter, Alex, Beat and David had originally worked together founding respectively both AdventureScope as well as the Extreme Explorations production companies. Nigel had worked occasionally on projects with the others throughout the years.


John Reed  is a commercial pilot who has since married and has two children. John spends his time between Sweden and Canada where he is also doing business in the Internet and computer industries.. He has taken part in several adventure film projects with some of the original crew. John has always been an aspiring cameraman in his spare time.


Clark Roberts, son of Liberal leader John Roberts had always persued a path towards politics . He was last seen on the streets of Vancouver by Peter, at least eight years ago and was then practicing law.


Beat Steiner is the Swiss born Psychology Major from SFU and a member of the original “ Mexi-Can “ cast and  expedition crew. Beat has pressed a career as a cinematographer and editor on several film projects with the original team. He has since married a partner from New Zealand and has one baby boy. He is currently living in Whistler BC.


NOTE: Since the film’s biggest strength would be the character driven storyline, emphasis would be placed on finding and dissecting as much information as possible on the original members of the crew, their lives and aspirations to date, as well as open invitation to bring along any family and friends on the twentieth anniversary excursion culminating in the film.





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