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Golden Rush – The Birth/Anatomy of a Ski Resort, a film by Extreme Explorations, Peter Chrzanowski, 52 Minutes, DV, Color is a one hour film documenting the story of a small logging/railway town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains struggling to change from mill town to a tourist based economy by using it’s greatest resource --- “the best snow in the world.”


 The film will be strongly character driven and will share points of view from the skiers,the boarders, the developers as well as the Golden locals. Viewers will meet local folks in Golden, British Columbia including world famous mountain guides and hear about their history - the railway, the forest industry, their pioneering spirit. They’ll see the building of a new 4,100 foot vertical gondola by the Dutch company, Ballast, Nedam that built the PEI bridge. They’ll view the new breed of skiers and mountaineers that are attracted to this new Kicking Horse Resort. They’ll experience first hand the shift from the old resource economy to the new adventure tourism, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Will Golden be the new Whistler or will it be something different, retaining it’s unique mountain culture?


 Golden Rush is directed by Peter Chrzanowski, an award winning filmmaker / adventurer specializing in high adrenaline action/adventure films. His credits include Valdez Goes Extreme, Ski Peru, The North Face, The Spirit. Executive Producers are Aj Chadha and Ian Waddell, BC’s former Tourism Minister.


 This production will be extensively marketed to insure the maximum amount of viewers. These type of films have a long shelf life. Peter’s other films are being aired constantly on TV at home in Canada, the US and Europe and have been seen by millions of viewers.


 The film, as well as the press and internet id around it, has some great exposure opportunities and is now looking for sponsors.

Please contact Ian Waddell at Ajian Film Productions at or at 604-788-2301





Up to now we have done great deal of research and documenting over a span of two years . We had gathered 50 hours of footage. It has been an arduous two and a half  year project. The prestigious Banff Centre is a co-producer of the film and will be providing some post production facilities.


Ian Waddell, former NDP, BC Minister of Culture/Tourism and BC Film  has come on as my executive producer at the Banff TV fest.


I might add that my films have a long shelf life and high production quality. One production, also a CBC co-production , back in 87, THE NORTH FACE, has since aired to over 1.2 billion international television viewers over 14 years. All participants, can be a part of such a long term branding and promotion. I have done three co-pros with CBC Vancouver, the first being  in 1985. Charlotte Odele at Witness has a copy of one of my finer films, THE SPIRIT for you to look at a sample of my work.


 Also, please take a look at our website: as we are using it to promote the project further, this time through a bit of appeal to pop ski/snowboard culture. You can also read more about the project under article archives on and An actual older teaser with a few interviews can be viewed using an easily dowloadable  player on .


 I summorize the following:



The project is appealing as it highlights an interesting change in the Golden  community. This is a phenomenon that can educate and entertain audiences worldwide about Canadian rural/mountain  living.  The film will entertain through the  excitment of extreme sports on the slopes, the colorful history,  sheer natural beauty of the surroundings around Golden, to interesting social/political changes in tow . There is controversy as our viewers are left to examine the pros and cons of big resort development such as Whistler and how it can affect a small town. It is character driven and further illustrates the interaction between three distinctive subcultures, and their visions and belief systems converging on one town; Considering, the sudden influx of ski bums and the developers with the mill town locals.


THE TEAM an award winning, highly specialized team of mountain and community cinematographers, headed by Peter Chrzanowski, producer/director DGC . (See bio below)Other camera men; Scott Fullmer, see , Troy Jungen, Chris Lockhart, Randy Reynolds, Jacek Strek (National Geographic's " Charlottes Islands Out of Time ".)



October, 25 

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