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International Yak Drawing Contest, Part 1
Album description
Participants and their Art
Ky, Grade 3
Nicholas, Grade 3
Natasha Sanders-Kay, Grade 3
Crey Ackerson, Grade 5
Wolf Tivy, Grade 3
Sean Brophy, Grade 3
Chloe Mullington, Grade 3
Ben Hives, Grade 3
This is the first submitted drawing. Ogi Radoicic, Grade 5
Natalia Boryniec, 4 years old
Emily, Grade 5
Filip Boryniec, Grade 3
Filip Boryniec, Grade 3
Karolinka Boryniec, Grade 1
Natalia Boryniec, 4 years old
Staszek Klamerus, 47 years old, not a contestant, but he can draw!
Out of competition ASCII art by Asia Podlasiak. Dzieki kocie!
October, 20

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